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britny1 11-06-2010 05:54 AM

How to rebuild framing
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I am remodelling house,front section is old 2x4 construction and would like to replace with 2x6 currently spaced appx 24 inch on center.I tjhought initially this was balloon framing but studs run from top of joist in basement to about 10ft then there is double sill plate where roof used to sit i assume.There is now a second fllor attached,on the front wall about 24 ft long i notched 2x4 and put in double 2x6 top plate with joists sitting on top,put up temporary support walls and managed to use joists attached to 2x4 to support load of second storey above,my question is for the side wall how do i support 2x4 as i cannot build a temporary support wall here as joists run the wrong way,thanks

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