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woodworks4home 06-08-2011 07:44 PM

Looking to build this type of shed
I am looking to build this type of shed I saw in this blog. Does anyone have pre built plans I can use to build it? I would like to save $$$ and not buy any stupid cd plans.

joecaption 06-09-2011 04:46 AM

Any home center sells books on sheds and has basic how to and plans in the books.
A few things I see that I would never do on the shed you show in the post is, Only two hindges on the door, a heavy wooden door like that needs three hindges.
The siding was installed to close to the ground, it will rot being that close, the weed whacker is going to blast off the paint or stain, it will act like a ladder for the termites. By code it needed to be no closer then 4" of grade.

A few simple rules when building an shed.
#1, No one has ever built a shed big enough to hold all the stuff they think there going to fit in there. Always build it bigger then you think you need to.

#2, Famous last words, I'm only going to need one light and one outlet so I'm only going to run 14-2 wire to the shed to save money. Almost everytime someone decide to add more lights, and outlet, decides to do some crafts and needs more power to run the equipment. Now they have to go back and redo the wiring coming into the shed to be able to do it. Far cheaper in the long run to just go with wiring big enough to pull 60 Amp's.

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