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FishersHail 08-24-2010 11:48 AM

Re: Ipe deck tear off and reinstall
Looking for some input with this project.
My farther in law is installing a four season room and in the process is having his contractor remove about 900 sq ft of ipe deck board that was installed about 2 years ago. He is going to be giving me the ipe wood to resurface my pressure treated deck (approx 800 sq ft). I consider myself very handy and am going to be reinstalling ipe myself. After spending some time online I think I will be going w/ the Ipe Clip system and sealing the ends that I have to cut w/ anchor sealer. Some of the questions I have now well planing this are:
1) I have about 6 inches of ground clearance (soil) on my deck...will this create an issue w/ the Ipe?
2) I want to do this on the cheap...can the contractor removing the ipe save the clips for me to reuse?
3) We have a simple bench on our current deck layout that I want to redo w/ the Ipe....can the Ipe be used for a structural member for the bench?

I know that I will have level the deck some due to some setting since the people that built it did a poor job...not sure what shape the framing is in until I open it up.

Again I want to do this on the cheap but do it correctly so please share any tips or recommendations.
Thanks in advance!


inspectorD 08-24-2010 07:10 PM

You should be fine with what you are doing. If you can, get some 6 mill plastic under the deck to help with moisture.
IPE is a strong wood, but I would keep the bench structure as a base, and do what you can to incorporate the IPE on the surface.
IPE will last a long time, but it will crack over time and weather.

SJNServices 08-25-2010 11:18 AM

I just finished fixing, sanding, and staining aprox 900sqft of deck that was a ''bit past due''. Fun stuff!!!:eek:

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