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Graham 01-14-2007 05:10 PM

Zee Plane, Zee Plane Mister Stanley! Yup we go plane spotting this week and some interesting planes there are. They don't however, get off the ground. We also look at a new Black & Decker Laser Level that does a little more and the newest shop vacuum by Ridgid. It's small but it certainly has its place. Take a look.

Graham McCulloch

Rustedbird 01-25-2007 08:33 AM

Laser levels are for weenies. Be a real man and use a bubble.:D

inspectorD 01-25-2007 05:55 PM

Remember the old clear water hose without batteries.:D

Square Eye 01-26-2007 06:39 AM

Don't be laughin' at my clear water hose level!

inspectorD 01-27-2007 02:07 PM

The problem is...
Just when you think its long enough to get across the come up short.

The "laser" only ruins your eyes.....;)

I hate when mine leaks all over the place as I try to mark the wall.:eek:

Keepin it clean........;)

glennjanie 01-29-2007 12:25 PM

I can remember several specifications from different jobs stating that the ceiling had to be installed "water level". The hose was my answer to that spec. but that was long ago and seems far away. I have also seen field tile run by a 4' level on top of a 2x4 post for shooting grades. I would use the lazer level now.

Graham 01-29-2007 01:55 PM

Glenn, that seems to be the concensus in various trades. The Laser level has really simplified things. The rotating level allows for simplified installing of dropped ceilings and HVAC systems to name just a couple. Bricklaying is another.

Graham McCulloch

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