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Graham 05-14-2006 03:09 PM

We're having some fun this issue, Murphy and his laws pertaining to woodworking are in the forefront. In addition, we have some really interesting new tools for you look at. And, have a Happy Mother's Day Mothers.

Graham McCulloch

woodworkingmenace 05-14-2006 04:21 PM

The Land LD-JD01 Angle Finder Level is not a unique tool but it sure is handy to have around. This 19" long aluminum level is neat and compact and has a very accurate dial compass to indicate the measured angle. A large knob on the elbow of the level will lock the tool securely for transferring the angle to your workpiece for example.

If they ever make that in a 6" version with out the levels, just to do the angles, then it would be a perfect thing for me! I love the idea of a dial indicator, so that even if I lose the knob, as it may loosen, or if its just plastic with out a brass barrel inside, just a plastic bushing, then if it strips, I will still KNOW what the angle is... Great for mitreing molding on walls in the corner for me...

Also, I had that tapemeasure from last Christmas from big lots, (brother in law got me one, and only paid 8 bucks for it, and believe it or not, I am amazed at it! Never in my life had a tool from "odd lots" that actually worked :) A valuable asset to my assortment of lazer tools, since it has that ability to project a beam that can hit two corners at the same time!
Only thing is, this one didnt come with the nifty stand that is shown in your picture...probably why he only paid 8 bucks for it, eh?...


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