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jjohnston 11-01-2012 08:32 AM

spray polycrylic?
I am staining doors, and using minwax polycrylic over them. it doesn't say on the can, but I am curious if I can spray them with my spray gun? I know they have aerosol versions of it, but to make things faster and more uniform, I was thinking spraying with a spray gun may be a good option.

notmrjohn 11-01-2012 11:35 AM

It can be sprayed, you'll have to experiment to determine proper thinning ratio for your sprayer. I have heard that it can leave a slightly rougher texture than a good brush or pad application, so a few thin coats, lightly sanded between, and a final buffing to gloss wanted.

asbestos 11-01-2012 07:45 PM

it should work OK if you need to think if you can get XIM thinner it is better then water. XIM is like flotrol but much thinner. You may not need to thin just use enough pressure and get a full wet coat.

notmrjohn 11-03-2012 01:56 PM

I know people who have used pump up garden sprayers to do wood floors.

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