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coachdan 03-28-2011 01:56 PM

Wall For Additional Support
We had a new house built approx. 1 year ago and the builder used manufactured trusses in the floor. We have a spot that runs parallel to a wall between our MBR and our Greatroom that had some excessive bounce. The builder came back in and added some additional support in attempt to help and it has, but still not to my satisfaction.

My thought was to add a wall directly beneath it in our unfinished basement. We would really like to keep the floorplan open and I am looking for a way to accomplish both. I don't have much experience, so I want to use you more experienced builders as a sounding board. I am thinking that I could gain some additional support if I bonded 2 or 3 2x12's together (glue and nails/screws) to form a sturdy header board to run across the problem area, then build the wall normally beneath it. I would like to have a large walkthrough doorway to allow the area to stay "open" rather than a normal doorway. Would this work the way I need it to or am I going to have to give up my open floorplan?

nealtw 03-28-2011 03:22 PM

You did not indicate how long the spans is. Did the builder put solid blocking or something between the trusses every 6 ft or so to stop the movement. Blocking would go all they way across in the basement. The concrete floor below was not intented for a bearing wall but if you are just taking out the bounce, what you have discribed should work fine. Build a wall on each side and leave about 10 feet for your beam and support that with 2 studs on each end.

coachdan 03-29-2011 09:42 AM

Thx for your reply. The span where the issue resides is probably around 15 feet. The builder took another of the manufactured truses and used it to cut pieces to insert between the trusses. They did not run the entire length of the basement, but rather only in the opposite direction of the floor joists (trusses) in the problem area.

My solution is really only an attempt to improve the bounce.

nealtw 03-29-2011 05:28 PM

I would start by blocking with 2x4 blocks tightly fited between the bottom of the trusses.
I would do this in two runs from side to side. This blocking will spead the load across all the trusses.
If this dosn't do the job I think I would go back to your beem idea or just a short wall on each side of the room and move his blocking on top of the ends of your walls still leaving you 10ft of clear opening

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