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Buterbwa 09-13-2013 09:01 AM

Air circulation
My forced air furnace filter does not and never has captured any exessive dust. Our home is 6 yres old and my wife has complained about the "dusty house" since day one. I've tried all different types of filters with no improvement. It seems to me that while the warm air and cool AC air is circulating, the return air isn't getting back to the furnace to pass through the filter in enough volume to capture the dust, but it seem to recirculate into the house.
Any ideas or suggested solution?

nealtw 09-13-2013 10:15 PM

Hey welcome back. I know nothing about dust and went looking on line for more information, not the adds but the science: good luck.
Just some of the things that comes to mind are questions;
Does warm air hold more dust than cool air? My walls are dirtyest just above basebard heaters.
Does air pick up dust, or just move it around when raised by others?
Where does dust come from? Outside, Main enterence and traffic path. People and pets, in the center of living space?
Does warm or cold air transport more dust and what effect does moisture have to do with it?
Where are the return vents compared to where the dust is, perhaps it drops all the dust before it gets there?

And then I did find one suggestion that the wife might not want to here, it's called top down cleaning and might be worth trying.

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