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paigeh614 05-09-2012 07:26 PM

Brand NEW Blower won't stop blowing! Help Please
With the help of a neighbor, I just installed a new blower motor on my furnace. Furnace is located in crawl space and AC unit is on side of house.

We feel confident we wired the motor correctly. However, on the main panel/wiring panel/sensory panel, White Rodgers 50TC35-730 there is a scanner bar code on a black chip that reads 50T35-730-01 and underneath, B18099-13.

The issue is now this, I turned the AC on auto and it worked great! No more short cycling. However it is cool today so I turned the AC to off and the blower continued to run. I checked the outside unit and it was off however, the blower was running strong.

I currently have the power turned off to my furnace unit so it would quit running as over 20 minutes had passed.

Am I missing something on the thermostat wiring to the panel? I don't think its my thermostat as I just put in a new one two weeks ago and everything turned on and off correctly so I think we may have mis-wired something below.

Please any ideas or help would be appreicated!

kok328 05-09-2012 08:11 PM

What color thermostat wires do you have and how are they attached at each end (thermostat end and Furnace end)?
Is thermostat set to FAN AUTO?

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