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kjw 02-25-2013 08:46 PM

closing off a section of the house from hvac
So, we have a 2300 sq ft home in west Texas. The bedrooms are separated from the rest of the house (approx. 900 sq ft). There is a door that can be closed to separate the bedrooms from the rest of the house. The thermostat and return are also located in this bedroom area.

My question is this: are there any benefits or negatives to closing this door in the evening to keep from heating/cooling the entire house at night? Here's the thing though, I don't want to have to close the ten other vents that are Iocated in the non bedroom area of the house every night and then open them back up in the morning.

My thoughts are that if I close the door, the bedroom area will warm/cool faster and we won't have to heat/cool the rest of the house to the same temp. Could shutting the door mess with the return air or cause the unit to stress? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

bud16415 02-26-2013 04:57 AM

To my way of thinking your house was set up to be a balanced system. With several return paths and many outlets. When you close your door and the unit comes on it will pump cold air out all the outlets cooling the whole house until the bedroom thermostat says stop. Chances are it won’t really save you much unless you closed the other outlets and that would mess up your balance for the next day. There is also the issue of the next day the rest of the house will have heated up and the unit will have to work hard to bring it back down. Assuming you only have the one thermostat and your house is one zone.

If you wanted to save money a single window unit sized for just the bedroom might work. it would cool that one room and trick the house unit to not come on. Again it will depend on how many hours you spend in the bedroom and how much heat the rest of the house gains over night.

I’m not an expert IMO that’s how I see it.

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