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pennywise 06-22-2012 06:51 PM

Compressor and fan not kicking on
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I have a Lennox system,, its a 2002. I think the selinoid is starting to go. It works then it does not. But when its not the fan nor the compressor will kick on. I took off the door to the unit and pushed the contacts together manually and it took of running. I also turned it off and sprayed some contact cleaner as I saw some crud in the track the contacts run in.

I have a couple of questions, just above the solenoid is what looks like a second capacitor and its leaking acid? like the stuff that comes off of a battery corrosion. I am posting photos of both the "capacitor" unit and the solenoid. My question is I have a johnstone near by and my father has an account [he is a HVAC contractor] But hes 74 so I can only go so far with him on this.
Since its a Lennox would I be able to get a solenoid at a place like Jhonstone or would I have to go through lennox? What is that black cylinder that is leaking?

Thanks for any help.

kok328 06-22-2012 09:08 PM

Bad capacitor. Remove it and get the specs off it. Purchase a new one on Dad's account but, as I recall Johnstone does not require a mechanical contractor account/license to purchase products. Cash is king with Johnstone. If your locale is different, find a Grainger's store. If you don't have a Grainger's local to you, check with an electrical supply house. Take that cap to them and they will hook you up with a like rated replacement. Does not have to be a Lennox part as long as there is nothing proprietary about it.
Nice job on the troubleshooting.
Q: Does the contactor remain engaged when calling for "cool"? If not, you may need to replace the contactor too.
Check the contactor coil when it is calling for "cool" and the unit is not running. You should see 24VAC at the coil. If this is the case and the contactor is not engaged then you have found the problem; a bad contactor.

pennywise 06-23-2012 06:09 AM

The contactor would not engage. I had to push it in to start the unit and then it would stay connected. I sprayed contact cleaner on the contactor rail after shutting down the power. When I turned it back on it engaged by itself and has been running for since my last post. I will replace the capacitor and see if a new solenoid is attainable and will put it on for good measure. The unit is about 10/11 YO.

Thanks for the reply.

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