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scookied 06-03-2010 07:58 AM

I have a rudd UGDA-100C-ER furnace that i need to replace the fan center on. I wired the new one just as the old one. When I turned the switch on , the indoor fan would run although I had the t/stat set to off and the fan switch set to auto. When I set the system to cool, the outside unit would run but the indoor fan stops running.

NitroNate 06-03-2010 09:33 AM

is it a 3-speed motor? can you post a picture of the motor that shows how you have it wired up? usually with a 3-speed motor you have black, blue and red wires for speeds (hi, medium and low), you have two orange wires connected together, two yellow wires connected together, a brown and brown w/white wire that both go to the capacitor and a white neutral wire. the black wire and white neutral wire will go to the relay switch. the motor should have a wiring diagram on it that is very useful.

scookied 06-05-2010 11:49 AM

I was able to figure it out. The new fan center wired up different than the old one. I got the correct schematic and was able to make out ok.


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