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sundayestarr 01-18-2012 05:58 AM

HVAC Smells...yuck!
Hello, I have the fortunate pleasure of owning a canine companion who unfortunately has my complete home smelling like a zoo. She frequently likes to eliminate on the basement floors and apparently the system has picked up the horrific smells, yuck! I have tried everything I know, disinfected and mopped basement floors and around the furnace area several times, changed filters, candles, air fresheners and yet the smell is still filtrating through the vents of my home and literally the smell is unbearable. It is to the point where I keep my heat on the lowest setting possible (has me saving on energy costs) because I cannot stand the smell anymore. I'm so ready to rip out the system and straight get a whole new system. Certainly that would solve every issue, lol but realistically, that isn't a option at all. Help me somebody! What else should I try before calling in a professional?

kok328 01-18-2012 07:10 AM

Potty train your pet, keep it outside or get rid of it.
Have your ducts cleaned & consider bringing in a ozone machine to run while your not home.

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