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gonative 06-05-2012 10:49 PM

Mini-Split Brand recommendations
I have decided to install a new multi-zone inverter mini-split system instead of new central heat and air. Part of it is that I've lived outside the US for the last 8 years and that's alll we had, so I'm quite used to them. The fixer upper I bought had one 24,000 BTU mini-split/heat pump for the whole house. I've used it in summer and winter now to see how it performed. House is just under 1400 sq ft. I like it cool in winter so kept the thermostat pretty low and fortunately live at a little altitude so temps are pretty pleasant at night, so I rarely have to use AC. 1st year here, my highest electricity bill (everything, no gas) was $139.00. And the house had no insulation plus my son ran a plug in heater in his bedroom around 14 hours a day. System will cost more than new central heat and air (with new ductwork), but hopefully the monthly savings will compensate.

So after insulation and a more efficient inverter system, hopefully the additional units won't drive that up much. But I'm baffled by all the brands. I am finding it hard to believe Mitisubishi's is worth 30-50% more than other systems. Brand I currently have is Air Con. Who ever heard of that? Carrier is also pretty pricey. Anyone have anything to say about some of the less expensive brands? Ever heard of Gree or Turbo Aire? Anybody hear of any to stay away from?

Most of what I find online is sales information rather than opinions or reviews. Would so appreciate any input anyone has on mini-split brands.

moshei 07-10-2012 02:27 AM

I've got a Daikin And works great. I was told by several installer friends that Daikin was the best and they sell other brands!

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