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rutledj 11-09-2011 02:13 PM

Need new heat pump
I have a gas furnace with an outside ac unit (Bryant) that is nearing 19 years old. The upstairs unit (Heat pump only) went out last winter and I replace both the outside unit and inside air exchange handler.

I purchased a Payne unit upstairs but I'm beginning to wonder if that was a smart choice. I've read a lot of posts where that is considered a low end arm of Carrier. It is a 13 SEER unit that has performed fine so far.

Now I'm thinking that since the downstairs requires more heat (since heat rises), would it be better to switch to a heatpump/gas setup.

My questions are:

1. Would the air handler need to be replaced if a heat pump is installed? (Isn't this shared with the gas furnace now?)

2. Would it be wiser to spend a bit more for a better brand since this unit will probably run more (work harder) than the upstairs unit?

My current utility bills are not outrageous. Monthly gas is $59 year round and electric is $125 year round.

3. Do I even won't a heat pump downstairs or just rely on the gas unit?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

FYI: I live in the Greensboro,NC area so winters are not too harsh here.


joecaption 11-09-2011 05:41 PM

Yes in 99% of the cases the air exchanger will need to be changed.
Yes a heat pump would be fine in your area. Since gas is going to do nothing but go up I'd suggest an electric back up not a gas one.
Check out the GE model last I knew they offered lifetime warrenty on the compresser.
A lot will depend on who installs it, if they believe in that brand and you can get service.

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