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Bwildly 05-05-2012 09:08 AM

Portable A/C Venting?
Hello, I have a portable DeLonghi PAC A110L A/C unit. I want to put this in my basement but I only want to use the dehumidifier function because I only have glass block windows and cant vent it to use the A/C function. But when I read the manual it says it has to be vented outside to use the dehumidifer function as well. I was wondering if I am using only the dehumidifer function could I just run the exhaust/discharge pipe into the laundry sink?

Air-N-Water_Eric 05-14-2012 09:29 AM

Hello Bwildly, I took a look through the manual for the A110L and found the same section you likely read:

"In dehumidifying mode, the appliance should be prepared in the
same way as for air conditioning, with the air exhaust hose attached
to enable the moisture to be discharged outside."

To be honest, most of our portable air conditioners with a dehumidify mode tell you not to vent the hose outside when the intention is to dehumidify and not cool. With a unit like the A110L the auto evaporative function makes this infective though.

I'm thinking that venting to your sink won't help much because the air coming out of the unit should be humid but not humid enough to condensate on the sink and drain.

Is there any other way to vent the unit? Perhaps a vent or opening in the basement wall?

You could always get a dedicated dehumidifier, they tend to be quite a bit better at removing moisture from the air than portable AC's and there's no venting to worry about.

moshei 07-07-2012 03:44 AM

Its really difficult if you use portable because it will not humidify the air properly.

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