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ironknees4ever 06-05-2010 04:39 AM

power vent
morning everyone, yesterday had my furnance cleaned. tech told me that i needed new fan and motor for the power vent. i told him that i had that replaced last year, went into house found repair bill from aug. 2009 showed him. He called office told me that it was under warranty for a year, told him that the statement was from aug. then he told me thati needed a whole new unit, $800.00. Should i be looking for a new oil company??? and a different estimate. Can i purchase this cheaper from a supply house. thanks everyone.

kok328 06-05-2010 04:45 AM

Why would you have to purchase anything if it is still under warranty?
Most likely, his next statement would have been that the warranty is only good if you have a licensed professional perform the repairs.
Yes, a power vent and fan can be purchased for less than $800.
You can expect to pay around $250-300 for a fan and around $100 for a power vent.
The labor to install would be the remainder of the $800 estimate.
For another $1K, you could have a whole new system too.

inspectorD 06-05-2010 07:39 AM

like KOK said..why??
Your under warrantee, tell em your gonna contact your lawyer if they do not first respond to a second request to fix it. Then find another company.Bad business is just going to stay bad.

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