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shan2themax 11-13-2007 01:21 PM

pvc pipe to roof vent
I have a question about my pvc venting pipe that goes to the roof.... I have a roof leak.... I put roofing tar around the roof vent on the top of the roof until I could get someone to go up inside the attic with me (i'm a big girl... didnt think going up there alone was a good idea...) today, we went up into the attic and it happened to be raining so that was even better ( I tarred it a week ago). so, no active leaking right now... woohoo.... the wood isnt even wet.. but it will have to be replaced when i put the new roof on.... so anyways.... the pvc pipe.... it has 2 couplings, on the lower coupling, water is sitting around the lip of it and dripping off onto the ceiling below.... I just am not understanding how water is on top of the sanitary tee you cannot feel moisture on any of the pipes above it... and I know that water doesnt just float up.... so.. what am I missing? there is caulking on the other joints... but not at this one... but I really am at a loss.... I felt all the way around the pipes, didnt feel any moisture.... please tell me that I am just being silly becuase I dont understand how water could be here..

glennjanie 11-13-2007 05:28 PM

Hello Shan:
I haven't seen you around for a while. The PVC pipe should be sticking up above the roof one foot. There is a plastic flashing that has a soft center to go around the pipe; you just slip it down over the pipe and it is made to go with the pitch of the roof. If you could gently slip out a couple of shingles above the vent, slip the flashing down onto the lower shingles then replace the upper shingles, you should be good to go. I don't use any nails in the flashing anywhere, it just snugs down on the roof and I've never had one to leak.
Your biggest problem will be removing the upper shingles; use a flat bar to gently pop the cement on each tab and you will find a nail at the top of each opening between the tabs. The nails are never hard to pull and there is no need to beat on it with a hammer until you nail the shingles back down.
I admire your willingness to give it a try.

inspectorD 11-13-2007 06:03 PM

What he said...
Mabey the pipe is leaking at a joint?

This is a vent ...but water does go down it when it rains.:D

Check to see if any pipes turn or remove themselves from others when pulled.Then glue em back with pvc cement....and primer.:D

shan2themax 11-13-2007 07:55 PM

glenn and Inspector
to Glenn.... thanks for the helpful suggestions.... You always have them.... I actually sort of did what you suggested before I put that roofing tar stuff around the boot... I spread it from the rubber seal your were talking about and also to about 3 inches out past the boot itself... the only exception was that if a seam in the shingles was near, I tarred that also..... *thanks for having some faith in my attempts too by the way...*

Inspector.... I am gonna try out what you said.... luckily there is no insulation right there so, I am going to go in from the bathroom and just take the ceiling out.... I think that would be easier for me to get too.*if you look in my gallery, you will see that the ceiling needs replaced anyways*.. I will buy some pvc cement and primer this weekend also. it would probably be a good thing to have around.. I need to get in there and rip out that commode and replace the floor anyways... so I think that I may attempt to do it all this weekend while the youngins are at their dads....

so, wish me luck..... I also found while I was up there that my stove vent just goes up into the attic, doesnt go outside at all.... so i need to fix that too

inspectorD 11-14-2007 06:11 PM

That's the spirit...
Well it sounds like you are tackling it in stages...always the best way to do it.;)

You know where we are if you get stuck on a problem,

good luck!!:D

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