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craigsery 06-15-2009 08:10 AM

Round duct in bathroom
I'm in the process of remodeling my half bath due to a rotten subfloor and I have a 5 inch round duct coming up flush to my subfloor. I was just going to put a boot in the floor for a register, but I only have 8 inches between my joists in that area. I don't want to put a wall register in because I plan on tiling the walls and don't want a vent there. My question is I'm a machinist by trade and was just wondering if I could make a custom round grille cover out of stainless steel, I can't seem to find anyplace that would make them. Does anyone else have any ideas/suggestions?

glennjanie 06-15-2009 07:25 PM

Welcome Craigsery:
Try turning the boot 90*.

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