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rokosz 01-10-2014 03:58 PM

Tacos, BGs & baseboard oh my
One of my zones isn't circulating. Was fine a few days ago (zone not used constantly), been in service for 6 years.

Being somewhat ignorant I replaced the cartridge in the Taco 007. no change. disassembled it again and tested power to the impeller. aok. re-assembled.

Argo control board lights properly when the tstat calls, taco works. what the 'ell else can it be? Ahhh what about that red thing over there?

yes being somewhat ingnorant i thought the red thing was on the return -- not the supply. (esp since the tacos are warm/hot and that is not. I found a doc at Xylem/BG site for the flo contorl valve sa1 3/4 it shows an exploded parts diagram and talks about cleaning.

Does blockage/failure of the valve seem to be the culprit?
It certainly seems so -- no leaks anywhere, working ok a few days ago. Not a complicated installation -- But I don't have isolators on both sides of the valve -- so I'll have to drain -- not fun in the winter.

Anybody know why it would require cleaning? or have any pointers on the process? thanks, bryan

rokosz 01-15-2014 02:11 PM

For all time, let it be known here:

A simple hammer (tap(ping)) on the illustrious BG Flo-control solved the circulation issue.

It kind of solved itself too-- I'd shut all the isolators (3 --2 @ return, one into the BG). Called for service. Open the balls, hit the stat -- and flow gently down the stream. Tech explained they usually give a shot or two with a hammer to the BG.

I'd begun the attempt to "rebuild" or at least clean out the valve -- but didn't like tugging on all that copper and stopped without even beginning to loosen the packing nut or plug. Tech poo-pooed attempting any removal of the plug or valve assembly.

I'd also tried turning the valve control open and closed a few times prior to isolating the zone.

so combo of isolation and valve or one or the other? Next time I'll try tapping it

nealtw 01-15-2014 07:35 PM

Sorry you didn't get any help here, thanks for the update.

inspectorD 01-16-2014 06:28 PM

Thanks for the Update!! It's good to learn something new.I mean, who knew you just needed a hammer to fix your parts....usually ends up with extra parts.:rofl:

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