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Gaurick 02-27-2009 12:46 PM

Thermostat not cooperating
I really don't know a lot about furnaces or thermostats, as I just started renting my own house. So, this is a new learning experience for me. My wife and I wanted to change out our old, mercury thermostat (Honeywell T) for something newer and more energy efficient, that we could digitally program. So, we purchased the affordable Ritetemp 6022 for our "Fan Assisted Combustion Gas Furnace" (that's about all the info I can get off of this thing). I installed everything according to the diagrams and color codes and wire labels. The fan portion of it seems to work just fine. The heat, however, is sketchy at best. When I jack the heat up to 90 degress to test it, the furnace kicks on for a few seconds, then the fan starts blowing, and after a minute or so, it all shuts off and I don't get anything after that unless I start playing with it. Can anyone help me out with this? :(

kok328 02-28-2009 08:03 AM

Do you have a volt/ohm meter that you know how to use?
Do you know the proper names of the components inside and HVAC unit?

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