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jwk2267 10-20-2013 08:33 AM

Trane XV90 Circuit Board
My Trane XV90 has a solid red light, which i think means replace the board. Does the circuit board have a reset button? Had workers cut the outside thermostat wire (going to the compressor) and tied them all together, think that shorted out the board.
Any help would be appreciated.

jwk2267 10-20-2013 01:43 PM

ANSWER: the circuit board does not have a reset button....but it does have a fuse that blows when the circuit board is overloaded or short circuit. Simple 5 amp car fuse....located on the board. Of course this cost me $140 trip charge to find out. A DIY could have done it for $0.50 which is the cost of the fuse.
Hope this helps someone else

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