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justt 08-17-2009 01:55 PM

York attic thru the wall a/c
looking for some suggestions. unit has a double shafted motor whitch is going off on internal thermal overload. this is a new manufactures suggested replacement motor. amps,rpm's, and voltage are identical to orginal motor, cleaned both coils using coil cleaner, checed rotation and voltage. have tried all i can think of. help!!

kok328 08-17-2009 08:12 PM

Motor for the condensor or evaporator?

justt 08-19-2009 04:37 AM

double shaft motor-old unit

kok328 08-19-2009 07:43 AM

Motor for the condensor or evaporator?
Did you change the fan blade too?
The new motor might be bad.

justt 08-19-2009 06:33 PM

did not change blade for condensor-evaporator is a sqiurrel cage. this is the 2nd motor-(after thinking i had elimated all other possibllities i came to the same conclusion). i am working behind a another mechanic-motor was replaced previously. i am attempting to acquire schematics and specs for this unit.

kok328 08-19-2009 08:30 PM

For clarification, the condensor motor is a separate motor from the evaporator coil motor.
The motor you have now described is in the air handler section of your system.
Even if the motor has been replaced once already, the specs on the second motor seemed to work for awhile but, as you indicated, if you can get the specs for the OEM motor, you may find the cause for repeated replacements. The motor itself may not be bad but, the thermal overload switch might be bad/weak. Your other option is to up the HP on your next motor, probably by a 1/8hp or so. Any larger and you'll be looking at increased amperage.

glennjanie 08-19-2009 09:07 PM

He said it was a double shaft motor in a through the wall unit. You know, one shaft has the evaporator fan on it and the shaft on the other end has the condenser fan on it.

kok328 08-20-2009 06:25 AM

Oh, now I know what he's talking about, sometimes you have to drop a ton of bricks on me before I get it. I've actually installed a couple of these in my time and don't know why it didn't occur to me. However, these are what I call packaged units and never really opened one up or paid much attention to the internals. Typically when these go bad, there at the point where it's just a total replacement. Thanks for the wake up call.

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