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Frank0 08-12-2012 04:36 PM

Bathroom CFGI switch help
Have one of the old circuits with a single receptacle on the bottom and the reset on the top. I need to replace due to bathroom paint color change. I tried to buy the exact same socket to make it simple, but do they have them? F no!

I buy a CFGI with a double receptacle.

My old switch had two black wires connected to one side (on separate terminals) and the same for two white wires connected to the other side of the switch. Also has a ground on its own terminal. Hmm, pretty simple, should be no issue to replace. I wire the new switch the exact same way and does it work? F no! I then transpose the black wires top to bottom and do the same for the whites and does it work? F no!

Next I put the old switch back in and it works with the wires transposed or not. Then I try another new switch, just in case the first one was defective, and does it work? F no!

Does anyone know what is wrong?

kok328 08-12-2012 05:39 PM

Are we talking about a switch or a receptacle?

Can you post pics of what your working with?

Frank0 08-12-2012 06:30 PM

Hi sorry its a receptacle. I can get some picks as soon as I'm done spraying epoxy on the bathtub. Assuming the fumes don't kill me as they're insane.


kok328 08-12-2012 06:37 PM

yea, should be pretty simple. Sounds like you have LINE & LOAD. This should be the same circuit so I don't think having the netrauls out of sync should be a problem. Did you turn off the breaker to replace and turn the breaker back on before trying to TEST/RESET the new outlet (GFI outlets won't reset unless under power) ?

Frank0 08-12-2012 06:42 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Affirmative on the reset.

After wasting over an hour (on what should have been a five minute project) I decided to issue the new switch a corrective action as illustrated in pic number 2

nealtw 08-13-2012 11:23 PM

Nice to see you have it under control.

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