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david542 02-29-2012 12:48 PM

Breaker keeps tripping
I have 200A main panel for the house. There is 20a breaker that keeps tripping and have no Idea what is causing and what is hooked up on the breaker. Would appreciate someone telling me what is causing and where do I start looking.



nealtw 02-29-2012 01:31 PM

You have to find what is not working in the house. Sump pump, kitchen plugs, electric heat.

david542 02-29-2012 01:45 PM

I have gas heat and so far I can't find yet what is not working.

JoeD 02-29-2012 01:55 PM

A damaged buried line to a light post? remote building? sump pump? septic pump? stuck attic fan? neighbour using your outdoor receptacle and tripping it?

david542 02-29-2012 02:41 PM

I have 2 outlets inside the utility room and 2 on the outside. What I don't understand I have not use these outlets and all of a sudden the breaker trips.

kok328 02-29-2012 03:29 PM

Could be an abandoned circuit where the hot & neutral were intentionally connect together to trip the breaker.

david542 03-01-2012 06:26 AM

If this is the case then why would it trip all of a sudden when I haven't used the outlets yet? So I guess I take the panel off and check the wires.

JoeD 03-01-2012 06:33 AM

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You first need to identify what is on this circuit. A buried line could be damaged by water or rocks that have pierced the cable over time. Water could have gotten into a receptacle and cause it to burn up.

Here i s one I had last year.

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nealtw 03-01-2012 11:12 AM

As kok328 said; an unused wire should be nutted together in a box somewhere so the breaker can not be turned on. You may have an unused wire that was not terminated properly and is now touching ground or nuetral. If you cannot find it, off would be a safe way to leave it.

david542 03-09-2012 10:32 AM

Since I am not using the outlets I am just leaving the breaker off till I get time to look into the problem.

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