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reprosser 05-18-2010 11:49 AM

Bringing in underground wire
I have an underground 12-2 cable that feeds the well from a temporary pole. The pole will be removed soon, so I need to bring the cable into the service panel. This cable is not in a conduit.

I can drill a hole thru the wall* and run a conduit from xx inches below ground level to a 90 degree elbow and thru the hole. Maybe a weather proof box outside? A box inside?

What is the usual way to bring an underground cable inside?

I already have a weather proof box with GFCI outlets in the vicinity, but I don't think there is enough room to bring the well cable into and thru the GFCI box to the panel inside.

*This is a pole building with sheet metal walls.

See this thread for building wall photo:


ohmy 05-19-2010 11:51 AM

I like to 90 up outside and enter the building above grade. This reduces the risk of leaks in the future. Use a junction box or LB.

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