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jayrod 01-31-2010 08:52 PM

Can I recess these lights?
I bought these lights from Lowes today - Utilitech 240229 120V Xenon Accent Light Kit (3 Lights) - eBay (item 150405701385 end time Feb-14-10 10:30:41 PST)

They have 20W bulbs. I want to completely recess them in an area that will have virtually no airflow or circulation. This will look great, but I am worried if somthing might go wrong. Will this work with these type of lights or is this a really bad idea? If so, are there any kind of lights that are near this small that will work? Thanks.

Let me know if you need more info or a pic of where I ant to install them.

GregC 02-01-2010 01:48 PM

Hi, These look like what they call "hockey pucks" . They are meant to be installed under cabinets (surface mount)etc. NOT meant to be recessed. They have several kinds out there you can recess, you just have to look and find what you like. Its not a good idea to recess these particular ones.;)

SGC622 02-01-2010 05:04 PM

if you wanted to recess a puck light you would have to recess the actual ceiling. basically create a pocket where you would want it and how you would want it to look and then install them but if your looking easy just return them and get lights for your purpose.

Wuzzat? 02-01-2010 05:39 PM


Originally Posted by jayrod (Post 39860)
I want to completely recess them in an area that will have virtually no airflow or circulation.

You can still get heat transfer by conduction and radiation, if not by convection.

In theory, 20w or 2w or 0.2w with no way to dissipate that power input will result in an unlimited temp. rise above ambient temperature.
Practically, you'd have to measure the temp. rise in your installation. You can get some idea by wrapping the fixture in insulation and waiting 10 or 15 minutes for the fixture temperature to stabilize. Knowing the R-value of the insulation makes it an easy calculation.
Wood chars at 120C.

But I probably still wouldn't do it, because I can't foresee every possible thing that can go wrong with an installation like this.

ohmy 02-02-2010 07:15 AM

I thought this type could be recessed. I know 12V ones can. Read the mice type on the package. It will tell you how much open space you need above the light and below the light Generally, you cannot put them in cabinets with closing doors and there is a requirement for the space above. Most local codes require that you follow the instructions on any fixture.

triple D 02-07-2010 10:43 PM

puck lights....
they are flush or surface mount. The sides come off, and you can drill a 1 3/8 hole or so, and they recess all but 1/4 inch. probably not a good idea to enclose in a compartment. And beware, some of the xenon lites ive seen are not dimmable. Check first...Good luck

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