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donnaferr 06-22-2008 09:21 AM

Ceiling fan question
I have a new ceiling fan that uses three 40W candelabra bulbs. I'm finding that this isn't enough light and I'm wondering if it would be safe to use a higher watt bulb? I have checked the manual and cannot find anything about this. Thank you. :confused:

kok328 06-22-2008 09:57 AM

Forget the manual, see if there is any mention on max. wattage printed on the bulb socket itself.
If the bulbs are not enclosed, you could probably safely increase wattage. Do they make candlabra bulbs greater than 40W?

donnaferr 06-22-2008 02:02 PM

Thank you
I looked at the bulb socket and you're right, it did say 40Watt max. The bulbs are not enclosed, however so I may try it. I've seen 60Watt candelabra bulbs, also some 100Watt mini but I'm not sure what they are.
Again, thanks very much.:D

glennjanie 06-22-2008 08:11 PM

Hello Donnaferr:
I don't know if they make compact flourescent bulbs with a candelabra base but, if you could find some, it would be a great way to increase the light without going over the recommended wattage.
The problem is probably a plastic socket which will harden and crack if it is pushed over the recommended watts.

donnaferr 06-23-2008 07:20 AM

Glennjanie, that's a great idea, I will look for the compact bulbs- I wonder if that is the minis that I saw. I won't push the wattage much- maybe even just replacing one of the bulbs with a 60 watt would be enough. Thank you very much.:o

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