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NOVA Pros 12-17-2008 09:18 AM

Christmas Lights
I just read some great safety information on keeping our home and ourselves safe this Holiday season. Most of it had to do with our electrical cords and electric devices, so I thought it would fit well in this category.

Some of the tips were:
1. Choosing a tree that was well hydrated and keeping it hydrated, as not to cause a fire hazard when it is dried out.
2. Replace bulbs on strands of lights with the appropriate bulb, not one with a higher wattage, as it could cause a fire.
3. Water your live tree daily.

These were just a few out of many that I found on various fire prevention websites.


loki791 12-19-2008 08:41 PM

Here's a good tip -- don't buy a live tree. Trees are important storehouses for carbon. The more trees we cut down, the more carbon goes into the atmosphere, the more global warming. Try a fake tree, or even better, decorate a nice big house plant! But don't kill a tree.

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