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rvs0002 03-18-2011 12:46 PM

Confused on wire groupings/routing
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Hi all:
My folks bought an old house and during a bathroom remodel I was adding a can light. When I pulled out the junction box that housed the old light, the wires came apart and I can't seem to get them back together correctly. I have attached a crude diagram, but will attempt to explain too.

I have a hot line coming from the fuse box, a switch in the wall to control the light I'm putting in, and then 2 lines feeding switches in two other rooms.

Before I pulled out the box, it looked like they had a group of whites pigtailed together with one black, and then the other two blacks pigtailed together and everything worked fine. I've tried all different combinations, but either I trip the fuse or everything works but the switch on the wall.

Can someone look at my picture and tell me how to group the wires to make everything work?


EDIT: Forgot to add my two wires from the light, but we will call them 9 (black) and 10 (white).

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