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toofast 08-23-2012 09:54 AM

In Ground Pool Wiring Help
I need to have my father in law (who is an electrician - but he is not totally current on all codes, etc) run me a new "outside box".

I currently have 200 amp service, with a 60 amp sub panel for my finished basement.

For my new panel for the pool, I need a 40 amp 220V for a small heat pump to heat the water and then (2) 15 amp circuits for a few small 1 1/2 HP pumps and maybe a few lights.

Seems simple enough...but my pool guy has my confused.

Oh, the new "feed" will be approximately 50ft (one way) to the outside of the house.

Basically my father in law said we are going to install an new OUTDOOR Sub Panel on the exterior of the house...using a 60 amp breaker coming out of the main panel. So I will have 2 subpanels now off the main panel.

Then he was going to use 6/3 with ground to power the external box. (something like this)

Sounds simple...
The pool guy made is sound much more complex...first I needed to put another box next to main panel...then run 4 #6 wires to an external load center, then from the load center go to an external pool box, etc.

So now we are confused...

My father in law KNOWS how to wire all these things up, but we are not exactly sure what/why we need what he is suggesting.

Hope this makes sense...

Too further clarify the pool company was going to take it from the new OUTSIDE box to the equipment...they would be responsible for that leg.
If I am missing something, please ask and I will try to clarify, etc.

toofast 08-27-2012 05:43 AM

So does this mean this is a super complicated subject or is my question so off that no one wants to even start trying to help - if so, I get it...please just let me know.

nealtw 08-27-2012 10:07 PM

I think it means, they haven't checked in for a while. Give it a couple more days.

speedy petey 08-29-2012 05:31 AM

Not to sound mean, but if your FIL does not know the proper code for this installation he is NOT an electrician. Simply knowing how to make it work does now make one an electrician, the codes are half the battle (at least).
The pool guy is no better, he is the last one I would listen to as far as electric codes and practices go.

You DO NOT need an additional box next to the main panel, but you DO need to run conduit fro the main panel to the pool panel. A feeder for a pool panel MUST be in conduit all the way from the main panel to the pool sub-panel.

You need to explain this: "...then run 4 #6 wires to an external load center, then from the load center go to an external pool box"
What is this "pool box" you are referring to?

Also, a 1-1/2hp pump is NOT a "small" pump. All the wiring to pool associated motors and equipment MUST include a #12 (minimum) insulated ground. This means NO NM or UF cable. Everything MUST be in conduit or flexible liquidtite conduit. Motors can have a cord for plug & receptacle connection, but the cords cannot be linger than 3'.

Then there is the issue of bonding. A VERY complex issue with it's own set of rules and codes.

This is NOT an installation to mess around with if you don't know what you are doing. There are TONS of important codes involved with an in-ground pool installation. PLEASE do yourself a favor and enlist the help of a qualified professional electrician. You will be served well by the long term safety of the pool after that.

inspectorD 08-29-2012 06:12 AM

I have to agree with Petey, the pool is not a place to learn electrical. In my profession, we often see good attempts gone bad simply because there was an attempt to save some money. You asked for advice, it may not be what you like, but we hope your around to at least not like us for a long long time.:D

viper 08-29-2012 10:11 PM

Petey is correct , pool equipment needs an isolated and insulated ground. Also when you hook these up to the new sub panel at pool you want to make sure that your ground and neutral runs are not bonded together. Just like any other sub panel you want them separated.

toofast 08-30-2012 01:20 PM

Ok gang....thanks much. I think I need to hire a pro who is current on codes for pools.

I wil try to explain what I was trying to do to help.

I was JUST going to have my father in law run the wire from the inside panel to a new "box" on the outside of the house...the pool electrician would have taken over at that point.

But at this point I think he is nervous based on what folks are saying.

As always...thanks gang!

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