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Dan K 10-15-2009 05:13 PM

Grounding new service entrance
I am planning on installing a new 200 amp panel in my home in a different location than the existing panel that will be eliminated.
I am adding on a new addition and have been told the rebar must be grounded. How is this done ? What size ground wire ? Should the clamp to the rebar be encased in the footing or exposed ? Is a ground rod also needed is so how long and how far away from the rebar ground ?

JoeD 10-15-2009 06:15 PM

It's called a UFER ground.

speedy petey 10-16-2009 05:01 AM

Ufer is our name for a "concrete encased electrode". Sort of like "Band Aid".

The connection must us an approved rebar connector.
It can be in the pour or exposed.
You need #4cu for your 200A service.

NO, no other additional electrodes are required to be installed. If you have a metallic water line feeding the house you must use this as an electrode also.

Dan K 10-17-2009 03:36 AM

Thanks for the feedback, I need to get a temporary service going and want it prepped right for the permanent setup as well.

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