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stevevz 08-19-2012 03:59 PM

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Let me explain the situation this way. What I'm working on is a new sit-down vanity area (no sink) that did not exist before in the bathroom.Originally this area (opposite tub/shower) was simply a seldom-used doorway into a bedroom. We decided to close it off and put in a vanity, which would fit nicely into the three-sided space (See attached photo). This area is at the opposite end of the bathroom and inconvenient from the existing bathroom wiring.

The only wiring that was close by was power feeding an outlet on the wall to the right (where the vanity is now), and this is the power source I'd like to use.

If you look at the photo, there is a mirror above the vanity top. Above it will be a light fixture. Because that spot was the most reachable by the existing cable length (without installing a junction box), I've re-routed that power feed cable to come down into where the fixture box will be mounted (just above the mirror). My plan was to run wiring out from there to switch and to also power two separate outlets: one right next to the light switch location (Same box - See cut-out in photo), and another under the vanity top (leg area).

I assume this power source is GFCI protected since, as I said, it fed an outlet in the room which was downstream from the others.

I do realize this one light and GFCI outlets will be on the same circuit, but I believe that is still code.

Is this doable? Hope I've been clear and the photo should help.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

JoeD 08-22-2012 01:59 PM

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This should do it. Grounds not shown.

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