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BSB74 06-04-2013 07:48 AM

Help with rewiring light fixtures to switches
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Hello guys, first post so hope it goes ok. Want to fix some wiring in my basement after I divided a room into two rooms. I'm a little confused on how I should wire this up so I can separate the two light fixtures from one switch, to having the two light fixtures operate on their own separate switches (add another light switch). Right now both light fixtures are wired to one light switch, which turns both on. Since the room is divided and I will barely be in one of the rooms I thought why have the light on in that room, just have another switch to turn it on when need be. I haven't did much electrical work in the past, but I really want to give this a go and start it this weekend. I have attached a terrible drawing to show how the wiring is hooked up as of now. Try not to laugh at drawing, I know it's pathetic. The other thing is the power source first enters light fixture B and then everything if feed from their. I don't have an issue with the receptacles being wired the way the are, it works for my set up. I just want to have Light Switch A operate Light Fixture A and Light Switch B operate Light Fixture B, not both on one light switch. oh yes, I'm located in Toronto, Canada so I wanted to make sure all is do to code. I appreciate all feedback in advance, thank you.

CallMeVilla 06-04-2013 08:32 AM

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This is not hard for you to do. Just takes some realigning and careful wiring. The basic diagram below will give you the idea.

1. Run PS to the switch box (plastic preferred). Make sure you get a "deep box" to handle the number of wires.
2. Run wires (14-NB with ground) to each light separately. Feed them back to the switch box (label them to be careful)
3. Run wire from first duplex back to switch box. Label it.
4. Connect all white wires
5. Connect black pigtails to botton screw of each switch. Connect black from each switch to top screw of each respective swicth. Thus, the black wire for Ceiling Light A connects to Switch A. Same with Light/Switch B.
6. Connect black wire from PS, Switch A pigtail, Swith B pigtail and black wire to Outlet.
7. Connect all grounds.

There is one problem with this configuration. The outlets should be powered separately from the lights. Since you only have one power lead, you seem stuck. Thus, the lights might flicker a bit when you fire up that 120V table saw ... Do I get a big LIKE?

nealtw 06-10-2013 12:57 PM

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This picture has the 14/3 that Joe suggested, which is fine but notice it does not have a wire between the two lights. If you have a new wire from light a back to the switch box you can use what you have. The wire that runs between the two boxes wants to be disconnected from the where it is in box B and connected to the ps wire in that box. Now you have to light boxes each with a power source In both boxes a white wire goes to the light from the power source, In both boxes the black of the switch wire is connected to the power souce, the white from the switch wire is marked black with tape and connected to the other side of the light. In the swtch box each wire has a white and black to it's own switch and is not connected together in any way other than ground.

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