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crackur 02-11-2011 08:10 AM

Installing Ceiling fans
Ok to give you some info.

I have a manufactured home. I am in/have been in the process of replacing the light fixtures with ceiling fans.

Here's my question/ problem.

One of my bedrooms has a ceiling fan already but whoever installed it just screwed it to the ceiling and not a stud or joist.

I have got the expandable brackets that spread out and supports the weight of the ceiling fan. The bracket thing comes with a metal eletrical box and here in lies my problem.

When removing the ceiling fan, my father in law said that the ceiling fan was in a plastic box that had other electrical work running through it. I think its probably the wall outlets etc.

My problem.....ok if it has the wires running through are from the wall outlets etc. is what do I do with those wires when I'm using the light wires connecting to the ceiling fan when I use the metal box attached to the expandable bracket?

I was not there when they check it out. But I am going to kill the power and look at it myself.

But from what I have told you.....any pointers? ideas? on how I can procede.

havasu 02-11-2011 10:48 AM

If you are replacing the existing plastic box with another metal box (with the expanding wings) then you would simply transfer all the wires into the new box and call it a day. Just make sure you pay close attention to each wire, and if needed, identify the different wires with a piece of tape, so there is no confusion when you rewire them up.

kok328 02-11-2011 04:13 PM

Not sure why in a residential environment, wires would run through a junction box with there being no junction in the box for the outlet wires. In which case, havasu has the correct approach. However, in the event that someone ran wires literally through the junction box without a junction, you can see if you can pull enough slack to cut the wire and create own junction on this circuit.

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