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MontyP 10-23-2011 10:31 AM

Lights suddenly tripping breaker
I have halogen ceiling lights in my bedroom. They have worked fine for 10+ years. All of a sudden the circuit breaker has started tripping as soon as I turn them on.

I have changed nothing other than plugging a larger plasma TV into a receptacle on the same circuit. However, I have tried unplugging the new TV and turning everything else on the circuit off and the breaker still trips instantly when I turn the light switch on. There is only one switch for the bedroom lights.

I have tried removing all four of the bulbs in the ceiling fixtures but the breaker still trips the instant I switch the lights on. I also removed the switch and everything appeared to be in order (i.e. no wires touching, etc.).

Any thoughts as to what might have happened to suddenly cause this problem?

Blue Jay 10-23-2011 02:49 PM

Sounds like you have a short in the wiring, I would first look at each light fixture. Take them down one at a time and unhook all hot wires, you will probably have 2 wires in each fixture except the last one in the circuit.

JTGP 10-23-2011 08:08 PM

But first turn the power off.

Trace out the route of the wire. Does sound like a short.

evstarr 11-12-2011 09:40 AM

Can you get a look at the wires via an attic access? Possibly a critter has gotten to one of them. Mice seem to adore the taste of wire insulation for some reason.

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