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Warner 06-13-2010 04:25 PM

Mounting Checkolite pot rack with lighting
I've been attempting to decide on the ideal method to mount a Checkolite pot rack. (P1006-71)

The Checkolite installation instructions are published.

I am attempting to mount over an island. I'm replacing existing lighting, so the wiring is not of concern. What is of concern is that there is not any existing lighting box capable of handling the load, which is identified as 250lbs.

The current round electrical box is floating using straps. The joist is available off center. I've spent some time researching electrical boxes and mounting methods. Unfortunately, none seem to be ideal for my situation.

The pot rack has a mounting bar, which is the single load point. The mounting bar has a threaded pipe (hickey), which will require approximately 1/2" of space above the bar. As this space is required, I cannot mount the strap flush to the joist.

This mounting bar is also what needs to be bolted directly to the joist for reenforcing the main load point. Most electrical boxes do not seem suited for this application with the exception of this 4" raco from Lowes. However, this box does not appear to have enough clearance for the hickey and would likely result in off-center mounting due to the position of the joist.

My main goals and questions:

* Properly mounting while supporting the loaded weight of the pot rack
* Mount centered to the island even though the joist isn't centered to the island.

Could anyone help clarify my situation? I suspect I'm missing something obvious at this point.

I appreciate your time and consideration.



triple D 06-20-2010 11:29 PM

cant get instructions
your link is not working for me, web page cannot be found.....could help ya if I could see what is not in the top of other link(mounting plate)

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