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lisasctt4 07-07-2009 12:00 AM

Need of Electrician's advice.....
Okay, not sure if this is the place to start this thread but I'm in dire need of advice. Of course the 2 electricians I phoned didn't answer, probably because it is a Sunday so I'm reaching out to CD. We have a 30 year old house and probably with the original electricial. Now, I'm upstairs vaccuming, and the vaccum shuts off from it's outlet along with 5 other outlets throughout the house. Now normally, if a fuse blows, I just press the button in the fusebox and it goes back on. This time, none of the buttons needed to be pressed and when I went back to check all the outlets, all 5 of them are now not working. Is this something that can wait till morning until I can hunt down an electrician? Of course I'm worried about a fire with a family of six, my DH knows nothing about this issue and I'm panicked. Can anyone reassure me? Please only those that may be sure about this. Jeannie

inspectorD 07-07-2009 06:54 AM

Well by now I'm sure you have called an electrician. If it was tripping , it was doing it's job. And if you are ever unsure at 3 in the morning,shut off the main power. If it is to cold outside you may have to shut it down by pulling the bad breaker, but shut the main off first., then pull the breaker.
Get a lesson by your electrician on how it should be done before you ever do what I am suggesting.
There are 24 hr services in some towns, look for your's now, it may make you feel better if you are uncomfortable about electrical issues.

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