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BIGBOY96 05-19-2013 04:04 PM

Need some advice
I was wondering if this has happen to anyone before. I have 2 outlets that are on the same wall one has a power supply that has my pc and things pluged into it the other one has nothing pluged into it and this is why if I plug something into the top plug then it will kill the other one with my pc on it. Now my other question is I have is the the outlet that my pc is pluged into there are times when it will turn off my pc with no power like if it was dead I used that volt tester that will light up if there is power and I power in the outlet power strip I even show power around the pc I replaced powerstrip but still will do it and it omly like 1 time maybe once a month

JoeD 05-19-2013 05:56 PM

Sounds like a loose connection on the second receptacle where you plug stuff in and the computer off. Turnoff the breaker for the circuit and pull the receptacle out of the wall. Look for a loose screw or the wires plugged into the holes in the back. These back stab connections are a very common source of this problem. Move the wires to the screws or if the receptacle is damaged replace it and put the wires on the screws.

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