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Jed54 02-07-2008 06:10 PM

No Lights
First of all I hope I can explain this correctly.. If not.. I tried.. Here we go.. My cousins home lost power to the second floor.. The second floor still has all knob and tube.. Going upstairs there is a section of 12/2 wired nutted to three knob & tube wires.. One to black, one to white, and one to the ground.. This one line feeds the entire second floor.. or did... I went downstairs to basement and found this 12/2, and discovered that this was spliced and taped to the knob & tube. But the ground wire is not coming from this section of 12/2. Its cut cleanly from the sheathing.. Back upstairs to first floor there is a duplex near to the 2nd floor stairway which I took a meter, and put probe into the neutral side of outlet, and checked the power coming from 12/2 upstairs, and it showed 120 volts on one line, and 80 volts on second. Meter test cables were just long enough.. Which then showed there is voltage present, but somewhere a neutral is dropped.... This also killed the power to the first floor ceiling fan in dining room..Anyway.. I know this description is goofy, but any insight would be appreciated..... Thanks everyone.. ;)

triple D 02-07-2008 10:06 PM

know a sparky?
You really need a seasoned journeyman on this one. Using a fluke style meter or any meter is not correct. I have been trouble shooting knob and tube for years and the only way I have found to determine correct voltage is a "wiggy" tester. If you take a fluke tester or multi-meter and put the red on 120volts and touch the black, or even touch the black to a dead isolated wire you will receive a false reading leadind you astray in your search. It sounds like a hack has been at work in your brothers house....Knob and tube is the leading cause of electric fires, get help now!

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