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scooterbrown12 03-05-2012 07:57 AM

older home with older wiring...
I'm moving into a relatives home its in need of many repairs. We really can't afford to hire someone to come in and remodel and stuff like that. We plan to do everything ourselves. Right now there's a gas stove in the kitchen and we want to replace it with an electric stove I no we'll need to cap off the gas line and all that good stuff but as of right now if you run a small space heater and a microwave on 2 diffrent outlets in the kitchen it kicks the breaker...and I think we will have to run a new receptable and wire for the stove...wat kind of wire should we run just for the stove to plug in and what should we do about the breaker kicking? I'm a cooker so I'm planning to be in the kitchen a lot and don't want to have to keep turning the breaker back on.

Ooo and I would really feel better just replacing a lot of wires through out the home what's the easiest way to do that? And do I need to change the breakers to bigger umm volt breakers?

kok328 03-05-2012 08:55 AM

re: stove, most likely 240V and has nothing to do with the counter top breakers tripping.
It is to be expected that a microwave and space heater on the same circuit will trip the breaker.
re: new wiring, you just can't change to a bigger breaker without changing to a bigger wire.
To do this in an existing home is a rather invasive task (tearing out drywall to get down to the studs, wires and staples).
It's easier to run new circuits rather than replace existing circuits.

mintset 03-21-2012 07:47 AM

it seems that you have a project on your hands.

in my opinion, i think it would be advantageous to you to have a pro do the work.

having said that, if possible, at the very least, i would have a friend or relative with a good working knowledge of the codes and skills do the work for you.

electricity and circuit breakers and panels is a dangerous under-taking for the in-experienced. just some constructive criticism for what it's worth. :rolleyes:


CallMeVilla 03-26-2012 11:36 PM

Electrical at that level is beyond your experience. Spend just a bit, get a qualified handyman (lots of electrical experience) or a full Electrician to come in and:

1. Assess your main panel. You might not have enough amps to support a 220V stove circuit (it has to be dedicated on its own).
2. Let you work with him to pull the new circuit.
3. Determine if your kitchen wiring can handle upgrading to 20amps (it is probably at 14amps which is why it trips).

Don't mess with electrical if you do not have the skills. You can learn in time -- but not if you die.

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