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texan1 12-15-2012 02:14 PM

Plug outlets are slowly gooing out.
My bathroom outlets went out the two of my kitchen outlets went out and now the from porch outlet just went out. I hit the reset on all the outlets that have it. I changes all the outlets that stopped working. I don't think it's the breakers, I have reset them all. I don't want to bring in an electrician and spend a couple hundred dollars to get this fixed. Can some one walk me through this and et this fixed? Thanks

Wuzzat? 12-15-2012 03:08 PM

Hidden GFCI outlets somewhere upstream of these outlets?

The way to tell is if you lost both the neutral and the hot in each outlet.

texan1 12-15-2012 03:16 PM

Isn't that the outlets with the reset button on them? If not how do I find the gcfi?

Wuzzat? 12-15-2012 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by texan1 (Post 81152)
Isn't that the outlets with the reset button on them? If not how do I find the gcfi?

Yes, with the buttons.

One option if you have lost only a neutral [long slot] or a hot [short slot] is to look in the outlet string for the open circuit. It could be a bad wirenut install or it could be a bad backstabbed outlet.
One way would be to put a turned-on radio on the dead outlet and push on the others that are upstream in the run back to the load center until the radio comes to life. In this case you have to know in what sequence the outlets are wired - or - you can measure this.

As to Texas, I spent some time in SA as a guest of the USAF. I was also married to a pig [from Virginia] at the time so there was some advantage in serving my terms concurrently instead of consecutively. :D

smudge 12-15-2012 09:42 PM

If done properly you should have only one GFCI outlet per circuit. If not correctly installed all outlets downstream will not work. I would remove the GFCI and make sure you have power there. If you do it and its neutral should be connected to the "Line side" of the GFCI. The other wires are connected to the "Load side" if you get the two mixed up nothing will work.

Fireguy5674 12-18-2012 10:10 AM

If I understand your post correctly these outlets have failed at different times? A couple, then a couple more and then a final one? What kind of tester do you have to check the circuit? Are all the dead outlets on one circuit? Maybe you have a bad breaker. See if you can determine if the outlets are all on a single circuit. If you can determine which breaker the circuit is on you can start at the beginning by checking for power coming from the breaker and make sure the wire connections are tight for the power, the neutral and the ground. Then go to your outlets and do the same for each of them. Check your GFI to make sure the line, load is correct as suggested by Smudge. Seems very strange they are failing a few at a time.

nealtw 12-18-2012 10:47 AM

If this is all on one cercuit, you have to find where that wire goes first. Say if the power goes to the bathoom light first and then goes to the outlets and switches and then to all other plugs, you would look at the wire nuts at the light fixture.

texan1 01-13-2013 05:23 PM

Sorry for not replying earlier, the holidays took all my time away. If I replace the gfci, with a regular outlet just to test it will that work? Do I take my light fixture out and check the wires their? Even though it works? Let me know thanks

nealtw 01-13-2013 10:00 PM

The problem you have now is to figure out circuit all these outlets are on and where the wires are going. If you can figure that out and it is a light that is still working and everything after that is out. When you open it up you should find that all blacks are nuted together and all whites are nutted together, with short pigtails going to the fixture. If one of the black or white wires are loose in the wire nut or you see hints of overheating, you may have found the problem.
If everything there looks good you want to check the next plug or fixture in line and see if there is problem there.

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