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lumini316 03-05-2007 11:50 AM

Power Surge in Parts of home
in the house I live in I have 5 bedrooms. Two of the rooms are dealing with electrical fluxes (e.g. lights dimming and computer turning off.) I was wondering what the issue could be. I was thinking that it could be a faulty wiring(cut in the line), bad breaker. But I am not sure. This is a new problem and hasn't happened before. Any help on this issue would be great.

glennjanie 03-05-2007 12:42 PM

Welcome Lumini:
Your case sounds like a classic aluminum wire burn-out. Aluminum was thought to be the real thing some years ago, but I have personally seen several receptacles scorched or burned out by it. The aluminum wire gets a little lose, the electricity sets it to vibrating, this builds more heat and you soon get smoke or fire.
You should check to see if you have aluminum wire; both in the distribution center and at several receptacles. If you do have aluminum pelase get it changed to copper as soon as possible; it is a time bomb.

Daryl 03-05-2007 03:09 PM

If you have copper wire, Chances are the you have a wire that is loosing contact as is gets warm from current flow. Quite often the receptacles and lights are on the same circuit (if the recptacles are 15amp)and two or three rooms are fed by the same circuit. Starting at the breaker make sure your wires are tight to the breaker and ground on the circiut feeding these rooms. Then follow your lead to the first item on the line (Light switch, receptacle, light, etc. chances are you won't get too far before finding a loose connection. Had one on my microwave that did this and it drove me nuts until I checked the receptacle and found a loose wire. If the recptacles or switches have been changed out at some time the new ones might have been backstabbed (wire pushed in from backside) . These are notorious for causing such problems. Sometimes you will pull them out to check them and one or both of the wires will slide right out !

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