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viki412ag 04-07-2009 09:55 AM

Is this a 'proper' way to install a new electrical panel?
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So I hired an electrician to upgrade an old 60AMP panel to 200AMP. The old panel was a federal pacific panel, very small in size and rusty...
Once he opened things up, we found out that the the builder of the house (43yrs ago) actually cut into the brick/blocks of the wall of the house to be able to recess the old panel into the wall, there is drywall directly over the blocks.
So we don't really want him to cut more of the blocks out of the wall to fit the larger panel in, so we said it would be fine to just mount it on the wall.
What we didn't realize is that he would mount a large piece of board on the wall, onto which he would mount the new panel. Although this room isn't at it's best right now, we plan on repainting it and putting down carpet and making it a nice livable area in the near future, so I was shocked first for the fact that he mounted this giant ugly board on the wall and second how much drywall he cut out to do his work. Take a look at the picture attached and tell me if this is really the best way install a box like this w/out cutting into the cement block behind the drywall? Is it appropriate for me to ask him how he plans on finishing this properly? I don't want to step on his toes, but I'm seriously upset about the appearance so far. If anyone has any advice... or suggestions... please reply... Or if anyone has seen a panel mounted like this before?

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