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oldkentguy 10-09-2013 03:10 PM

Remodeling with radiant ceiling heat.
Our condo has radiant ceiling heat. I am going to do a bit of remodeling that includes adding a couple of walls. I am puzzled as to how to deal with the ceiling heat mats and concerned that anchoring the top plate on the new walls to the ceiling is a bad idea, unless there is a method of locating heating mat components so I can nail through without hitting parts of the heating system. Any ideas? Since the walls are short, 2' by 4', my best idea so far is to anchor the walls to studs at the end and glue to the top plate to the ceiling. Am I on the right hunt?

drewdin 10-09-2013 04:03 PM

you can use an infrared camera if you can get a hold of one to see the heat outline in your ceiling before you take it down/nail anything . Other than that be very careful

oldkentguy 10-09-2013 04:38 PM

Remodeling with radiant ceiling heat.
Thanks. Now to find one.

guyod 10-10-2013 08:27 PM

If the new wall makes an L shape there is no need to nail into the ceiling.
If not you will probably need blocking in the ceiling to nail too, if the wall is parallel to floor joist. This means taking down drywall. Since you will need to spackle anyway it wont take too much longer.
If it was doing to work for a customer that is what i would do. If it was my own house i would take the chance and just glue the top plate like you suggested that and the spackle will make for a stiff wall.

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