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suboveryde 10-29-2010 11:44 AM

Rewiring Light Fixtures..odd old Setup
About to have service upgraded from 60 Amp Fuse to 200 Breaker. Basically the elctrician is going to take the wires that are cmoing into the existing box (coming from top and bottom) and pull them under the house and put them in junctions and run them to new Breaker box. I was up in the attic crawl space and noticed that there is K&T up there that connects the overhead lighting in 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, mud room and fron tporch...Basically it controls everything that has to do with overhead lighting. 4 rooms have ceiling fans. I wan to rewire the K&T for safety concerns especially considering there is loose insulation up in the attic. It appears that the way it is wired it comes from the fuse box to the attic but what is weird is that behind the kitchen door there is a panel (just a 8"x8" wooden cabinet) that is cut of that contains a trun fuse. It is a double chamber fuse but only has a hot coming from below going into fuse bus and up into attic, ground also comes from below but is just wire nutted together and runs up as well. If I take that fuse out, it cuts power to all overhead lighting. Can't find where the wires that go from the big fuse box go up in attic and back down to below just to be run back up through the small panel. Any ideas on what that panel could be. Anyways my main question is I am going to cut power and disconnect the line from main fuse box to the lights. Remove all K&T and run 14g romex on 15a to switches and lights:

something like:
14g coming from new breaker into junction pigtailed to 2 for each ground, hot, and neut (1st to go down to switch, 2nd going to next switch) so i will have the main going into junction with pigtail going down to switch and pigtail going to next switch for each wire (hot, ground, neutral) what size junction box would be good to get? And does that sound about right as far as wiring goes. Will 14 g wire and 15a be enough for 9 light fixtures 4 of which have fans?

I appreciate any input.

JoeD 10-29-2010 01:05 PM

Sounds like possibly the orginal service to the houe. Two fuses was enough back then. Find the breakers that kill power to those circuits and see ahat els goes off. Could be a jount in a recepatcle somewhere feeding the cricuits.

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