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onryx2 08-20-2006 08:19 PM

Service Panel
I was thinking that I could replace my service panel myself, however, I was told that I should have a professional do it for me. What would be the better alternative? How much would something like this cost for an electrician to do it?


glennjanie 08-21-2006 12:57 PM

Hello Onryx:
Changing the panel can become very complicated, be very dangerous and may even cause death. There is the ever present temptation to work the panel "hot". For a person like me who have a heart condition like atrial fibrilation, just a small jolt could be certain death. Do you know the exact condition of your heart?
This is one of those times when a professional is well worth his cost; whatever that cost is.

petey_racer 08-21-2006 07:18 PM

IMO this is a classic case of: "If you have to ask....."
Unless you are a seasoned DIYer with a good many electrical projects under your belt, AND have a very good grasp of electrical work in general, AND know the codes involved with doing this sort of can do it yourself.
If you have to ask: "Can I do it?", the answer is usually probably not.
Doing a few jobs around the house is typically not a primer for doing a service change. And there are many important codes involved with such a project.

A panel change is often not a panel change but a service change. It is rare when just changing the panel makes sense.

100 amps? 200 amps? Overhead? Underground?

A "typical" 200 amp overhead service with the run of the mill existing circuits will run you in the $1200-$2500 range. In your area I'd bet on the lower end of the scale.

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