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deepstuff 06-12-2009 08:43 PM

Submersible pump issues
I have a federal electric control box (capacitor start) on a submersible pump about 300-feet down a drilled well. Its acting as if the well is very low but I find it hard to believe this time of year. If it has to pump the pressure tank up 2-3 times in a short period it will trip out on low pressure. Is it possible that the capacitor or relay in the control box ois getting weak and cannot handle a number of starts in such a short period?


glennjanie 06-13-2009 10:35 AM

Hello DeepStuff:
Yes, that is a possibility but I would check the air in the bladder of the pressure tank first. If it is almost gone it will cause the pump to short cycle.

deepstuff 06-13-2009 10:57 AM

Thanks Glennjanie. I already check the tank precharge and it was good.

deepstuff 06-15-2009 09:02 AM

I removed the cap from the well and listened to the pump. Most of the time (not all the time) when running I can hear a mecahnical chatter almost like a valve clattering. I can also hear faint gurgleing after pump cuts out. We have company now but I will run it later while listening until I recreate our problem of lost pressure.

deepstuff 06-15-2009 03:28 PM

With pump running I'm reading 240V on both start and run circuits. Shouldn't the start circuit drop out? Or is the capacitor giving me the voltage?

Starter is only capactor to start.

northeastguy78 06-16-2009 07:37 AM

intersting... I thought they were 150Vs

deepstuff 06-16-2009 01:43 PM

I was just told be the local pump shop that if, with the well cap removed, I can hear the pump running that the well is low on water.

Could this be caused by construction in the area?

Blue Jay 06-16-2009 03:53 PM

You say the well is 300' deep, how deep do you have your pump set? Do you have any idea what the water level in the casing is? You can check the water level by tying a nut (about 1/2") on the end of a line (fishing line works good) and lower it into the well, if it is very deep you will probably have to jig the line to hear when the nut gets to the water level, then mark the line with tape and pull it back out and measure it. This will tell you how much water is above the pump.

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