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CallMeVilla 08-09-2014 07:26 PM

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I think the electrician is buying a new BMW with your checkbook! Some of this work you can do (I assume) to save major money and the rest might require help. The guy you got saw dollar signs ... get somebody more realistic. Maybe a licensed and insured handyman would be acceptable and cost much less?

1. Install an outlet, on a new circuit, directly under the breaker panel in the office. - $225
Really? He is going to pull a whole new circuit to your panel, through the walls and repair the wall damage for this? Doubtful.

2. Install a new outlet in the office closet, directly behind a bedroom outlet, on the same circuit. - $175 Really? Essentially back-to-back, one old work box cut-in and some simple ROMEX wiring, no wall damage?

3. Install a new outlet in the bedroom closet, directly behind a living room outlet, on the same circuit. - $175 See #2 above

4. Install a new outlet in the bedroom, 3 feet above an existing outlet, same circuit. - $200
This one REALLY frosts me. All he has to do is cut-in for an old work box, drop his ROMEX 3 feet and make the connections ... for $200? You have to be kidding!

5. Install a new outlet in the living room closet and eye level on the wall next to the closet, new circuit (this is the only new pull). - $750 So, if this one costs $750, why does #1 only cost $250? Something wrong here!

6. Install five can lights in the kitchen, four can lights in the living room, and one can light in the hall, wired to existing switches/circuits, with attic access. - $3125 I hate to seem like a broken record, but this is where he gets the BMW down payment. With attic access, this is a one-day job at best for a skilled guy.

7. Move CATV jack to living room closet, run HDMI from living room wall to living room closet. - $450 More of the same. He will identify the CATV line (hope it is CAT 6), split it in the attic, and drop it into the closet into a low volt old work box. All he needs is the termination tool. Better run two HDMI sets from the closet to the TV box ... they can fail and running a new one after the fact sucks. I always run them in pairs to be sure.

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