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mintset 07-17-2011 05:43 PM

unusual light switches
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hello. i have two switches that i want to replace and i'm not sure what wires should go where. the switches have the terminals on the top rather than on the side. i will try and post a photo. anyway the left switch powers a porch light and the right switch controls a wall outlet for a lamp. i want to change them both even though the right one stopped working. the left switch (the one for the porch light) has a jumper wire from its right top screw to the left screw of the right screw on the right switch. under this jumper wire on the right switch is another wire, i believe this is the power wire feeding both switches. what wires should i be looking at in the box and what wire goes where on the new side terminal replacement switches? i'm thinking that the wire under the terminal of the right switch, should be put in a wire nut with two short wires and hooked to the bottom screws of the new switches. what are your thoughts? and thank you very much.

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